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Childhood Fears


The Fear of  Abandonment

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All Alone
Come back!
If you don't look it's not real...
And so I no longer wonder when you come back, but why you left
I'm scared
I chlenched my arms tight around my stuffed animal. The reflection gave me chills i never felt
You left your scars on her which can only be seen, by those who choose to stay

How does it feel for you? I believe that our inner child is the one that wants to trust and gets betrayed so we carry it far beyond our adult years. But still, you can always hear this inner child scratching on the door of your subconscious.

There is something
Not alone
Shhh... don't tell Mommy and Daddy. They wouldn't believe you anyway...

The Fear of  something under the bed

​One night she went to bed. She could feel something was wrong but didn't know what it was... maybe she just imagined the scratching sound coming from under her bed as she was slowly drifting to sleep.

Did you check under your bed for monsters when you were young? Or maybe you still do it today?

 The Fear of the Dark

Close your eyes my child. Sweet dreams. I will be waiting in the dark.
I will eat your hair and than your little heart!
Lost in the Dark
Where are my eyes?
Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.

Lights out! When I asked my followers about their biggest fear, this was the most picked answer of them all. What is so scary about the dark? The reason: It’s not the darkness itself that’s frightening. It’s the fear of what the darkness masks.

 The Fear of the Monster in the Closet

A gateway?
It's when the lights go out and you feel something behind you
Tick tock around the clock I' ll come for you and your friends too
Mommy and Daddy won't believe you
The monster stretched out it's claws to drag her to infinite hell
Scratching from the inside
Did you check your closet tonight?

This time I want to tell you a little story. Imagine you are a child again and look through your innocent eyes at the picture of this closed wardrobe. Is it a normal wardrobe? Or is it the gate to something far more terrifying?

She told her parents over and over: 'There is a monster in the closet', but they wouldn't listen. 'There are no such thing as monsters honey' they replied and boy would they be wrong! Cause one night she waited, wrapped in her favorite blanket when the clock struck midnight...

And then she was gone and no one ever saw her again. Every day the cat was sitting in front of the closet, waiting for her to come back. It knew something was wrong because sometimes it could hear an inhuman scratching that seemed to come from deep inside the closet...

Did you check your closet tonight? No? Maybe you should. Because you don't know when the monster will come back and stare with its dead eyes while looking at its next victim. YOU!

 The Fear of Spiders

Weaving you in
closer and closer...

Not really a theme for the arachnophobic fans but you didn't come here to see pretty stuff didn't you? Why is it, that we are scared of something so little? Maybe because we fear it could climb into our ear when we sleep and mess with our head, cloud our mind and drive us insane... Or maybe it is just because they are so beautifully creepy but fascinating at the same time. What do you think?

 The Fear of the dark Cellar

There is something
I see you
You aren't getting out of here!
No mercy, no escape!
So you escaped? This time! But if you have to go back to the cellar, we'll see each other again!

Were you scared of the cellar in your home when you were a child? Have you ever been scared of the lights going out and being trapped there? Have you ever felt something breathing down your neck?

When I was a child my mother often asked me if I could get her something from the freezer in the cellar.
I remember a steep staircase leading down, followed by a long corridor. What scared me the most was that the light only went on at the end of the corridor and that right, left, and straight ahead there was only darkness. The only thing I could do was run against my fear to get to the freezer and every time I ran back I imagined that there would be a monster at the stairs waiting for me, blocking my way and dragging me deep into the darkness.

 The Fear of Clowns

getting ready
Give me one spark to pull the Trigger
Take a shower with me
Come back any time!
I'll be waiting for you

Are you scared of clowns? As a kid I was. Don't we all agree, that the scariest part is that behind this smiling mask hides a real human being? So how do we know if he/she smiles for real or if there is not something far darker behind it... This photo shoot took place in an abandoned building with a mask I made myself.


HBHF Award
HBHF Award
CTFF Award
CTFF Award
Official Selection CTFF
Official Selection CTFF

The picture series  'CHILDHOOD FEARS' 1 & 2, also won me 2 CTFF Awards in the category: Best Horror Photography- Series creepy artistic impression & creepy location & set


                                                                                                  2 HBHF Awards in the category: Best Photography

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