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Depression Series


I was always here

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why don't you sit down with me?
would you like another cup? Maybe with some sugar?
Did you really think i will let you go?
You will cry an ocean of tears
I was always here
Far away yet so close
I will follow you wherever you go...
Hiding and watching
Sometimes i am your only friend

​May is mental health awareness month and is about the feeling of deep depression. Do you feel somedays it is silencing you? You can't speak or move at all?

It sits with you on the couch, follows you when you go shopping, and even lurks behind a tree when you take a stroll in the woods. Sometimes you are not able to leave your place. You are frozen and cuddled up in a blanket in your lonely home. You hold a cup of tea in your hand which the depression gave you. It is almost comfortable, right? Right?


I spend the whole day in the dark. I can see the sun from my window, slowly setting in the distance. Another lost day in here, another survived. "Maybe you should have another cup of tea," said the depression. "You know, just so you can sleep".


Do you ever feel like it is keeping you on a leash? Dominating you? The feeling to be its slave and obey to what it orders you to do?


Rock bottom... nothing left to say. My thoughts are like twisted branches, wrapping around my heart and in every tear I shed you can find a universe of sorrow and pain.


Do you ever feel like it is never going to end? Never leaving? Forever a slave to this dark place. Head in the noose and rats at your feet...

Depression is a shapeshifter and today it comes in a giant rabbit mask.

Publication in Gothesque Magazine

The Broken Doll

Abandoned place, abandoned soul
And with a soul as delicate as a butterfly she haunts this place... forever
how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful, staring, unrelenting sanity.
Find what you love
Look closer
I'm the radioactive spider that climbs through your brain...
Drink your sorrow from the wine glass of oblivion While you meditate in step with death

Some things are hidden in our soul... locked up so no one can see and only we have the key... and like a broken doll we try to heal. For this shooting, I found another beautiful lost place.
I tried to capture the eerie feeling that crept up my spine when I was there. Can you feel what I mean?

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