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Rabbit Head & Hands

This mask was hugely inspired by a quite brutal cartoon movie I saw as a child. It is called 'Watership down'. The story features a small group of rabbits as they escape the destruction of their warren and seek a place to establish a new home, encountering perils and temptations along the way.

General Woundwort is the main antagonist. He is portrayed as a savage-looking rabbit almost as large as a hare, with razor-sharp claws and cold eyes. I wanted to give my depression and anxiety some kind of form. Something that would sit at the table with you all day and ask: 'Do you want another cup of tea?' Holding you hostage and not letting go while slowly sucking the life out of you. You can see this mask in my series: DEEP DEPRESSION click here

Chatterer Mask

I still remember watching my 1st Hellraiser movie from the '80s. It scared me at first but as the years passed by I started to get really fascinated by it. Especially with the Chatterer mask. I was drawn to the darkness it resembled and I always wanted to recreate this creepy thing.

The mask is made out of Latex and painted with alcohol colors. The wire I attached by sewing through the latex and I left individual holes for the eyes so the person wearing it was comfortable enough to see through it. The teeth were shaped out of polymorph pellets.

Clown Mask

​Well, guess where this guy comes from? Of course the good old Stephen King movie 'IT' There has been lots of debate if the old or new one is better but for now, I'm going with the old version. So many masks out there... well this is my version
Oh and before I forget to ask... Do you want a balloon? See this mask in action on CHILDHOOD FEARS - THE FEAR OF CLOWNS
Click here

Devil Mask

Well, who doesn't like the Devil himself? This was my second mask ever created and I still love him to pieces. See this bad ass in the series: THE DEVILS BATHTUB  Click here

Santa Slays Mask

So you think Santa is a good man? Think again and judge for yourself if he is still the hero of your childhood. Watch this bad boy in this very gruesome story of mine which is not for the faint of heart ;-) Click here

Freddy Female Half Mask & Prosthetic Hand

Why should let the boys have all the fun I thought one Halloween and decided to go as a female Freddy Krueger by creating this mask and burned hand. It is a half mask with scars and kicks ass with a hat on top. For all the true fans, yes I am aware the hand is on the wrong side. This is the fault of my lack and experience of prop making back then lol. I got all confused. Still, it was nice to wear it!

Venom Mask

No explanation necessary, it is the all-time favorite Venom mask and I wanted to give it a go. That one was a challenge for sure. Especially the bloody tongue :-P Hope you enjoy it!


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