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LiaFXart - Creation & Chaos

Welcome my Creeps, Ghouls and Loved ones

So here it is. My first Blog post. For those of you who don't know me, I am Inga also known as LiaFXart.

I am a Published Darkart Photographer, Visual Storyteller, Poet, Prosthetic Artist & Sculptor for Masks and Horns. I am currently living in Germany with my two cats, Ripley and Mina.

Oh not another artist blog you might say and you might be right.

So what should keep you here? The thing is I guess everyboy needs to figure this out on their own. I started this blog mainly because of lifes struggles and a heavy creative block since 2 years now.

I suffer from chronic depression, Borderline personaltity disorder and PTSD. My art is heavily shaped from this as it is influenced by the world around me and how it deals with those ilnesses.

Have you ever had a creative block?

  • 0%Yes me!

  • 0%No never


So if you like subscribe and follow me into this unknown journey. Maybe we can share some pain, or learn new things together or just have a good time. I see you on the other side. Stay sane.

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