The 7 Deadly Sins



Sin Definition: Wrath is defined as the Love of justice perverted to revenge and spite, uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger.

Wrath Part 1 - Desperation
Wrath Part 2 - Control
Wrath Part 3 - Suffering
Wrath Part 4 - Transformation
Wrath Part 5 - Traces
Wrath Part 6 - Wrath
Wrath Part 7 - Chaos
Wrath Part 8 - Revenge
Wrath Part 9 - Hell

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I thought about this sin long and hard while always picturing a desperate bird in a cage with a soul so hurt the only way out would be vengeful wrath. Are you ready to follow my bird into the deepest of abyss? Will it get back its soul? Or will it lose its sanity on the way?

As always my work is a reflection of modern society. While we are in a pandemic the number of cases of domestic violence is increasing. No escape, nor safety for the abused. Feeling like a trapped bird in a cage. 

In this story, our bird can escape, free itself, trap his perpetrator, and even hurt him so badly that he will never be able to do it again to anybody.

But so many women (and also men) can not! They are the victims of domestic violence and abuse daily. With this story, I wanted to give you a voice, a kinda twisted happy ending even if it is on the very dark side of the mind. I condemn any abuse or violence! Stay safe out there! I believe in the bird in you!


Gluttony Part 1 - Inception
Gluttony Part 2- Curiousity
Gluttony Part 3- Longing
Gluttony Part 4 - Addiction
Gluttony Part 6 - Insatiable
Gluttony Part 6 - Traces
Gluttony Part 7 - Chaos
Gluttony Part 8 - Never enough
Gluttony Part 9 - Hell

Sin Definition: Gluttony is defined as the overindulgence or lack of self-restraint in food, drink, or wealth items, especially as status tokens. The English word comes from the Latin and means “to gulp.” Gluttony worships food to feed our own self-love.

For this work, I was deeply inspired by the movie

'The Platform' (Spanish: El hoyo) from director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia and also the famous 'Pan's Labyrinth (Spanish: El laberinto del fauno) by Guillermo del Toro. Couldn't help but give it a little personal touch tough.

With this sin comes a lot of animalistic behavior which I wanted to express. The greed to want more no matter what and no matter who gets hurt. Is it really rooted deep in us?? Find out in this ongoing series and decide for yourself and how much is enough...

In the end, we all stare into those greedy red eyes and see a piece of ourselves in them. How far would you go for food or love? Welcome to a world where you can buy everything. Where you consume things that consume you. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!


Pride Part 1 - Desire
Pride Part 2 - Contract
Pride Part 3 - Observation
Pride Part 4 - Desperation
Pride Part 5 - Proposal
Pride Part 6 - Decision
Pride Part 7 - Sorrow
Pride Part 8 - Desolation
Pride Part 9 - Incineration
Pride Part 10 - Hell

Sin Definition: An inflated sense of one own's personal status, qualities, or accomplishments.

My modern interpretation of 'Pride' from the seven deadly sins. How much money do we spend on our perfect selves? Leaving our souls to rot, become blind, selfish, cold, and careless while in the end we're just trying to rip ourselves apart. Is your inside as beautiful as your outside? And what price are you willing to pay for it?

Even though this series is considered to portray a sin I wanted to show a different angle to it.
The suffering a lot of us (including me) go through in this social media crazy time we live in and the fear of never be pretty, perfect, lovable, or unique enough can damage the heart and soul beyond recognition. A view in the mirror becomes an act of doubt and feeling small.
We grew up with Barbie and Idols, no normal human being can ever reach. Yet we crave to be them because we are told to do so.
Fun Fact: Did you know that Barbie wouldn't even be able to have a baby due to her proportions? Ironic isn't it? So burn your idols! Be whoever you want to be! Because there is only one you!


Sloth Part 1 - Inception
Sloth Part 2 - Contemplation
Sloth Part 3 - Curiousity
Sloth Part 4 - Decision
Sloth Part 5 - Commitment
Sloth Part 6 - Observation
Sloth Part 7 - Addiction
Sloth Part 8 - Abyss
Sloth Part 9 - Sorrow
Sloth Part 10 - Hell

Sin Definition: spiritual and physical laziness.

.My modern Interpretation of 'Sloth' from the 7 Deadly Sins. This sin has crept into our society like a snake into paradise. The temptation and dependence on machines and algorithms to collect goods, information and love, can trap us in our little universes, swallowing us whole sometimes and lead us to dark

Maybe this world is another planet's hell.
- Aldous Huxley


Lust Part 1 - Devotion
Lust Part 2 - Promise
Lust Part 3 - Trust
Lust Part 4 - Play
Lust Part 5 - Desire
Lust Part 6 - Control
Lust Part 7 - Surrender
Lust Part 8 - Domination
Lust Part 9 - Abyss
Lust Part 10 - Deep
Lust Part 11 - Silence
Lust Part 12 - Hell

Lust - Sin Definition: An intense desire or craving of personal pleasure, with only one's interests and feelings being considered.

How well do you trust your love, your partner, your friend?
True devotion and lust can sometimes take a dark turn and change the person you love or long for from one second to the other, into a monster. This is my take on the theme 'Lust' from a different angle. Let me know what you think about it.

Warning! Possible Trigger!

When I created the story of 'Lust' I gave it a lot of thought. How can I carefully wrap such a delicate theme such as sexual assault and rape without hurting anyone? The truth is, you can't! Because it does hurt and it always will! The victims are trapped in their own personal hell. Silenced by fear and shame. Damned to repeat their suffering over and over in their heads, blaming themselves for what happened to them.
I wanted to tell this story in a visual way but have been really scared and unsure because that story is also my own and very personal. A story of trust and betrayal, and my own personal hell.

If you are too one of those lost souls let me tell you that you are not alone and it is not your fault! You met a predator
and I wish you all the strength in the world that you find something to fight back with, even if you feel small right now. Never remain silent! .