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With this project, I wanted to reflect on the things that are going on in all of our lifes right now, which is an upside-down world where many fears arise. I tried to find a way to express myself and tell a story about the COVID- 19 virus, which has trapped us into our homes and in our heads, leaving us in doubt and fear.


When I began to create this one I had an exact idea of how I wanted it to look but was never really satisfied because I was lacking the knowledge of Photoshop and how it works. So I decided to hang my goals high (as always, lol) and finally start, giving myself 2 weeks! Damn, I was scared and honestly poured my heart into it. I learned a lot but I also made a ton of mistakes on the way, which cost me many nerves and sleepless nights but as a result, it was so worth it

This picture series also won me 2 CTFF Awards in the category: Best Horror Photography Series - Creepy New Concept & Theme + Creepy Editing!


                                                                                                  1 HBHF Award in the category: Best Photography

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